Fugitive Telemetry (The Murderbot Diaries #6) – Martha Wells

(Humans touch stuff all the time, I wish they wouldn’t.)

First lets give those thanks to Tordotcom and Netgalley for approving this girl right here for an ARC of one her most anticipated releases this year.

Oh Murderbot how I love thee. Seriously I love everything about this character, they are everything I could want in a character creation and more. I have read (and own) books 1-5 of The Murderbot Diaries and have read each of them 3 times (okay I’ll be honest the full length novel only once) but still I love Murderbot.

So naturally I took that dive and requested an ARC of the 6th book Fugitive Telemetry and let me tell you my daughter thought I was losing my mind when I ran through the house screaming “Yes I got it!”

I guess now is when I actually start talking about the book huh. This installment sees Murderbot working back on Preservation Station and there has been a murder!!! So naturally Murderbot pairs up with their most favorite kind of sentient being, Humans. (if you don’t get that joke I don’t know how you made it this far in The Murderbot Diaries) This was chalk full of so much of that snarky inner dialogue that I absolutely love about Murderbot’s character, we also got to see Murderbot be super petty and set out to try and solve this crime before the humans could, and that was hilarious.

Some new faces who live on Preservation Station where introduced and I ‘ll be honest I didn’t care much for Indah at first but I did understand where she was coming from in regards to Murderbot, (but as an outside source who as watched Murderbots journey I can understand why Murderbot is highly annoyed with her). After a while though she did grow on me, which is a running theme in pretty much all the books for me. We also got to see some familiar faces from the earlier stories as well, and their interactions with Murderbot where adorable as usual. I just love the original crews dynamic with Murderbot.

While there isn’t a lot of action in this installment Wells more than makes up for it due to the quality of the fight scene that is present. Though this time around the story does rely very heavily on Murderbot’s ability to follow the rules presented to it and not just doing whatever they please to get to the goals they want, which was a nice change in the narrative.

The biggest mind blowing experience was knowing I was COMPLETELY wrong about who committed the crime. I really thought I had it figured out and was absolutely stunned when I realized I was wrong, and who the culprit actually ended up being took me by so much surprise, but I loved it.

This is another fast paced, captivating and all around hilarious installment to The Murderbot Diaries, it encompassed everything that I loved about the first 4 novellas. Wells does an absolutely outstanding job every time she writes another story in this series. I can’t wait to do a buddy read with my best friend when it officially releases.

Official Release Date : April 27th 2021


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