Dig Two Graves (Bounty Hunter #2) – Rachel Aukes

As he hung there, he watched the walkway break apart, the support collapsing for several levels before the walkway stabilized. He hung there, no floor below him and no access card to get through any doors.

“Well, shit.”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

5 Stars

Alright I am pulling this review directly from my Goodreads and when I wrote it I had zero ability to make it be a well thought out and precise review. I loved it so very much and just kind of went the spazz route and it makes me looks like a crazy fan girl or something, I don’t know, I just really really loved this installment. So here is my original review in its original form, since I also can’t seem to edit it and make it more coherent, so I guess we can say its just a really fun review and really reflects how my brain responded to it, so hope you enjoy it.

Excuse me, but who gave you the right to scare me like that with Kit?!?! My world felt like it ended, I didn’t even know I loved this man as much as I do. Are you angry with Kit?! Has he upset you in some way? Because this man needs a very long vacation. What must I do to ensure I can keep him in my life?

Alright seriously, two books into this series and I am loving every bit of it. There was so much action in this and so many moments when I really thought, “Yup this is the last time I will ever see that character” Mountains blowing up, highspeed chases, people getting crushed!! Aukes doesn’t hold back on giving her audience heart attacks. She builds up these characters and makes you fall in love with them only to scare you half to death with their story.

The banter between the men was definitely better this go around, it didn’t feel like 13 year old boys bantering, and we had a curse word actually thrown in haha, (I still stand by my original plea of having Rex be more foul but I do love Rex as he is, so I’m gonna get over that.) His continued nonchalant attitude is perfect and I am still waiting to know more of his history, so hopefully I’ll get it at some point.

The plot is actually starting to evolve and change and it’s such a smooth transition, a lot of times when the plots move from one theme to another it can be very disjointed but it’s handled really well in this series and I am actually even more interested then I was before. A new villain wasn’t just randomly thrown in, it was all meticulously thought out and it made the change almost invisible.

This Renzo man is an interesting villain and I am very curious as to how this is going to pan out for everyone involved. I am also wary of Artie Law and while I love Sara, I am worried about her choices she makes some times.

What really helped this book was the action, there was always something going on, very little lulls in the story telling and it just keeps you wanting more. The characters are so well developed and so fun.

I hope Kit gets some rest time!


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