Ranger’s Folly (Lost Tales of the Realm) – J.T. Williams

He was headed home. Home to his wife, his child, and to finally put aside the Ranger he had been forced to be for too long.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

4 Stars

Well now I need to go and start this series from the very start because I am so invested in Fadis and need to know more about his tale.

This was a very small bite-size story, I’m talking 23 pages and then a preview of another book in the series, so yes this was small. Now initially it was a bit slow to grab me but it was holding my attention, but that immediately changed when Fadis had finally returned home, I was not expecting the story to go in the direction it did with his wife and I was shocked, I was hooked and needed more. I am always down for a story that has a male character who loves his wife and child and wants to do nothing more then protect them and is faithful to them at all costs, so I was 100% on Fadis’s side and was loving him, sorry Lesa I did not like you.

Now if you are like me and this is your first foray into this series, I feel the mystery around what Fadis did and why he is being hunted was portrayed with just enough detail, but no answers, that it gets into the back of your mind and just makes you go “well now I need to know more” We get mentions that there is a war, elves, magic, apparently a stupid king who started said war over something trivial and I need to know what that is (So I really hope that is explained in the series or I will be a sad panda.) There is just enough information that gets the wheels in your head turning and sparking some interest.

The fight scenes were quick and honestly I won’t judge them to much because length really does play into the ability to really go all out, but what we got I feel was a solid preview of what can be expected from later books in the series. I was not bored with them, so I can only hope they will be even better in a longer installment.

Ranger’s Folly was short, quick and for me a solid introduction to a larger series that just has me itching for more.


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