The Maleficent Seven – Cameron Johnston

He Failed.
Time and time again he failed until it broke him. He gave up trying as the Lucent Queendom became a rising Empire with the Falcon Prince as it’s head.
Twenty years of failure – it couldn’t help but change a man…

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

4.5 out of 5 Stars

Thank you Netgalley and Angry Robot for providing me with an early copy in exchange for an honest review!

Oh boy where to begin.




The Maleficent Seven was wild, compelling, gross, and a journey like no other. I laughed, shed a tear or two and even cried out “wow that’s gross“. Cameron created a high action, fast moving tale that just kept me begging for more. This is the read I needed after two not so great reads in a row.

The Maleficent Seven follows the point of views from the villains who are going after the “good guys” (who are totally insane fyi). We get to see the team come together in the classic “let’s go and find everyone and convince them to join in our cause” journey, only of course those ways of convincing each other are more on the heinous side of things rather then the do well kind. I absolutely loved this, (I usually do I won’t lie) Each character was introduced with just enough background that it made you feel like you had been following them for much longer. Each one had a distinctive voice and I feel being able to successfully pull that off in a short amount of time can be difficult for some authors, but Cameron made it look easy. We get to follow 7 people and a few side characters and each one stood out.

Tiranach was without a doubt my favorite character. I felt so much pain and heartbreak for him, he was the one who kept getting the tears to flow from my eyes. I wasn’t full on bawling but I am a sap and this mans story just broke my heart and seeing how he handled it made me hurt even more for him. He had for me the most intriguing background and I was constantly rooting for him and loved every moment he was focused on, I just could not get enough of him.

Lorimer was my second favorite. I don’t like vampires, I never have, they bore me with their whole “oh no we can’t go into the sunlight” bit, I have always been a werewolf kind of girl. But Cameron said “girl you will fall so hard for this vampire” and I freaking did. Lorimer (from my experience) is not like any other vampire out there. I’m not going to give it away but I really feel like Cameron brought something new to the world of vampires and I would love to see more like this particular one. His abilities, manners, speech and interactions were captivating and hilarious, Just like with Tiranach I wanted more and more of him.

I did not walk away from this book hating anyone, I mean even Penny left her mark and she is a side character. Everyone was captivating in their own way and it made me want to keep meeting more people. All the conversations felt real and not forced (and never gave me second hand embarrassment thank heavens) Cameron really has a way with characters.

The pacing of this story was fast and I mean break neck speed fast. You will find yourself flying trough pages and each page makes the story more compelling. I had a desire and craving to just know what would happen next. I needed to know what happened to Maeven’s sister, I needed to know who would win, who would die (and yes lots die). I stayed up till 1:30 am to finish this because I just couldn’t put it down. Cameron grabs you and just refuses to let go, and frankly I should have seen that tactic coming as he did the same thing in his debut “The Traitor God“. Cameron knows just how much story to dangle in front of you to keep you hooked and obsessively wanting more.

The action is fast, bloody and honestly at times gross, I can handle this so it wasn’t an issue for me, but as a warning I will say there are parts with animal torture/death. There are mutilations, and gore everywhere, I mean one of the characters we follow is a necromancer and she does some nasty stuff and it’s in some pretty gnarly detail. If you can’t handle that kind of stuff than this might not be for you. But if you can than you are in for a treat because the action just comes and feels like it never ends and the final part is just nonstop action.

The story plot its self was captivating, I mean I have only said that a 100 times now. I loved the idea of following a bunch of villains taking on the quest to do one solid act of actual goodness for the world because these “good guys” were not as good as they really thought they where. The only problem I had was that we don’t get to see to much from the opposing sides point of view. I would have liked to see a little bit more of that. I feel it would have gave The Falcon Prince that push in really needed in selling how deranged and mad he was. I just kept hoping that at some point I would see the world from his perspective we got one moment of it and after that it was all through the eyes of everyone else we follow.

The story has a solid ending but honestly if Cameron wanted to continue with this world (I don’t know if this is suppose to be the start of new series or a standalone) but I feel he has enough material to work with with how it ended. And frankly speaking, I would buy it in a heartbeat.

So if you are in the mood for villains who hate each other working together and some nasty fights but a lot of laughing (and maybe crying if you’re a sap like me) Then go fourth and read this magnificent tale, you won’t be disappointed.


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