The Silent Blade (The Seven Virtues #0.5) – Jacob Peppers

Recklessness and desperation will kill a man quicker than any blade. Knowledge and patience — these are a swordsman’s greatest weapons.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

4 out of 5 Stars

The Silent Blade is a novella in the Seven Virtues series that takes place as one can assume at the beginning, I’m not really sure to be honest since the story doesn’t actually give us a time frame. The story focuses on Aaron and his very long night of getting back his mother’s necklace that was stolen from him. 

This is an incredibly quick paced story, we get introduced to Aaron, who is already suffering from his first encounter with death for this long night he has ahead of himself. The story is action packed and at times feels almost too fast, it took me a while to realize all of these events where unfolding in one night. It was nice to see Peppers show how the loss of blood was effecting Aaron as the story went on as well as him making bad decisions because he was rushing and not thinking properly. He is a messy character and he acts erratic at times and that makes his character more real, this story really focuses on his vengeful and gruesome side so at his point this is all we know of him but it works for the story since he is mad. We get glimpses into his past and even some insight to the world at large there are crime bosses who he works for at times, but also want him dead because he wont fully sign with one or the other, there is also the mention of the Royal Seven, the difference between the Downs, where Aaron does his work and of course the rich neighborhood, God’s Row, and having these little bits mentioned really pulled at my curiosity. So I’m inclined to pick up the  next book in the series.

This is more action then story, the whole plot revolves around Aaron’s lost necklace and his reckless night to get it back so it involves him hunting people down for answers and beating and killing people to get what he wants. It is graphic, messy and for some probably gross, there is gruesome torture that is described in detail so if you are of the squeamish kind I wouldn’t recommend this. Blood, guts and everything else is thrown into the fights. 

I was a little let down with the end of the story but I am assuming that it ended the way it did because Peppers has a larger plan in mind, but it also just felt like a cop out as Aaron had no qualms about killing everyone else to get to where he got only to make the opposite choice the reader was lead to believe was going to happen. 

The biggest thing that bothered me about the story was the way all the women where described, they where either bar whores, prostitutes, unnecessary focus on their bosoms, and so fourth, you know the typical oldschool way of treating your female characters that we really need to work on moving away from. Sure there is one who is apparently side jobbing as a nurse (or she just used her sewing skills to patch up Aaron don’t really know). Even May who is suppose to be the strong female character type was portrayed with focus on her bosoms, and I don’t understand how her character is considered “feared” by everyone but at the same time she doesn’t have the man power to take on the other crime bosses? I’m confused, how does that work? How and why is she feared if its not based around her ability to take the other crime bosses in a fight with force? This is not elaborated on and maybe in later installments it will be, but it gives a very confusing view of how important or impactful May is suppose to be in this world. There is even, of course, a moment when one of the girls is almost raped, but is of course, saved by our protagonist, because you know everyone just loves this trope (if you can’t read my sarcasm in this sentence I don’t know what to tell you).

Overall The Silent Blade is an extremely fast introduction to Aaron with hints to what kind of world he lives in. There are elements that have caught my attention and will be bringing me back to the world. So if you are down for a fast read that is gruesome and action packed this a decent one to check out.


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