5 Series I Want to Finish in 2022

Like a majority of other book readers out there, I too have an issue with starting series and taking forever to finish them. There are 5 series that I own that I started either this year or (and not surprisingly) a year or two ago, (yikes!) that I have not completed. I never made any plans this year to finish them, but after thinking about it these last few months I realize I need to finish them, so I’ll make it a loose goal to hopefully finish them next year. So without further delay lets see what series I need to finish!

The Broken Empire – Mark Lawrence

So I have actually read the first two books in this series, and I loved them, so you probably like”well if you liked them why did you stop at book 3?”. There is a very easy answer. I don’t want my favorite character to die, haha. Seriously that’s the reason, 100% the full reason. Basically, I told myself if I never read it then it never happens. Do I know if this character dies, no I don’t but I seriously love this man and I have a big fear it could happen.

The Faithful and the Fallen – John Gwynne

This is one that has actually been bugging me for a while, I technically started book 1 over 2 years ago around Christmas time, and got about 200 pages into it and then life got severely in the way so I never finished it. I do vaguely remember what I read but ultimately I will just restart this one when I pick it up, but the other bit that’s holding me back is I still have yet to get a hold of book 4. So hopefully I can get it at some point and then dive into this world fully. After reading Shadow of the Gods and that being my full introduction to Gywnne’s writing I am looking forward to this.

Riyria Revelations – Michael J. Sullivan

I started this series just a few months ago and have read the first book (well technically two books since they are packaged as two books per book, that makes sense right haha) I’m just ready to go back to this world and see what Hadrian and Royce get involved in next, really that’s the only reason, I want to see where the story goes and what unfolds, it has nothing to do with wanting to read more about my husband Hadrian, nothing at all.

Raven’s Mark – Ed McDonald

I have read the first book in this series and I loved it, I really fell for Gallharrow, his character is everything I love in my favorite characters. But the story really struck you with the grittiness, the suspense, the harrow and the feeling of dread and loss, it was all so wonderfully pieced together. I put it reading the rest because I only own books 1 and 2 and my plan was to get book 3 and then binge them both at the same time. I still haven’t gotten book 3, so that idea has not been able to happen. So I guess my priority will be getting a hold of book 3 but I am really looking forward to jumping back into the world.

The Wheel of Time – Robert Jordan

Yup, this bad boy made it on the list. I own the whole series, and I have manged to read the first 3 books and was totally loving it (I currently really love Perrin and others are starting to grow on me). But I made plans to take a break then read another 3 and so fourth, because I can get burnt out on a series really quickly and this is no short series, unfortunately that did not happen and its been over a year since I picked it back up, so hopefully I can change that next year!

Well that’s everything, did you see anything you have completed (I’m sure you did) Drop a comment if you liked or loved or even hated any of these series!


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