Knight’s Seduction (Knight’s of Hell #0.5) – Sherilee Gray

“His face was something from a storybook, or a painting, or a sculpture of some Greek god.”

This took me way to long to read and it’s not due to it being not good, it’s due to my daughter preventing me from reading haha.

On my journey to read more romance after my best friend got me completely hooked on Immortals After Dark by Kresley Cole, I went out and browsed endless pages of romance books on Amazon, and after awhile I found that I am EXTREMELY picky with what I am looking for. But then Knight’s Seduction caught my eye, (not only because of the free price tag, although that’s a great perk), but I know I have a weakness for men with wings, and well, the men in this series are half Angel half Demon and that means they have wings, so naturally I was like “okay lets give this one a shot!”

Now I will say I only have experience with the one romance series that I already mentioned, so maybe my expectations where too high or I am spoiled, I don’t know, but overall Knight’s Seduction was just an okay novella for me. There where plenty of moments that kept me laughing, I loved the scene with Meredith when she thinks she has “corrupted” Kyros, her reaction and slight meltdown was hilarious and so adorable. Kyros having no clue what is going on with him and Silas thinking its absolutely hilarious, plenty of fun moments.

The story really focuses on the couple and nothing else really, and this is where I think I am spoiled because I wanted there to be a subplot that was going on too, which I guess we could say that Meredith’s story with David is the sublplot but I wanted something that would have connected this story to the other books to give me an idea of what exactly Kyros and the others do in the rest of the series. It does a decent job giving me the quick details of how the world works, but overall I don’t think I really understand the importance of why Kyros and his brothers have to save these demi-demons. It’s very possible I shouldn’t have read this novella first in this series. Also I’m not too sure if I like the disappearing wings when they have shirts on bit of the lore, like let them suckers be out all the time with or with shirts on, they are wings embrace them. (I think I’m just use to IAD where mortals don’t pick up on the paranomal people haha.)

As for Kyros and Meredith, I think they are a cute couple, I will say I don’t understand why Meredith called Kyros out on calling her FEMALE all the time if this wasn’t going to change the word usage at all afterwards, it felt pointless and like one of those “ohh girlboss moment yah!!”. The sheer mount of the words ‘female’ and ‘male’ that was used in connection to each of them was so annoying and overkill, and it really pulled me out of the story so many time, I would have appreciated the use of ‘man’ and ‘woman’ being used instead. I did appreciate how sweet and gentle Kyros was written in dealing with Meredith but I do wish we had gotten to see more of the aggressive protective side that I guess I was expecting. I felt really let down with the one super small scale fight scene, I hope it was just due to being a novella, he spent a lot of time talking about training and being this amazing fighter and having been doing it for a long time, so what we got was just way to short to really please me. I also wasn’t a big fan of all the training for Meredith being skipped over but again I’m hoping this is due to the length being an issue.

Even with these slight problems I am still going to be picking up the first book. I would like to see what Gray can do with a full novel. Also I have to say Rocco caught my eye and I am very kindly displeased that his is the very last book haha.

A little side note, I did read the epilogue and while Gray says it doesn’t contain any spoilers even though the epilogue comes after the 5th book, certain events in that epilogue really did feel like a spoiler and it unfortunately irritated me and I wish it hadn’t been there. But I guess I now have a reason to hopefully make it to Rocco’s book.

Spice Level: Maybe 2, I’m not sure, I don’t read these for the smut to be honest, I read them for the world, the lore ideas and the couple building, I don’t skip them but I also have no idea how to even approach reviewing that portion of the story haha

Rating: 3 out of 5.

3 out of 5 Stars


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