Contact & Review Policy

Hello, it would appear you have stumbled upon the contact and policy page! Woo!

Who Can Request A Review:

  • Authors
  • Publishers
  • Publicists


  • Adult Fantasy and Scifi
  • Middle Grade (Fiction)
  • YA Fantasy and Scifi
  • Historical Fiction leaning towards mythology

**I do not read Romantic Fantasy, but this doesn’t mean I won’t read fantasy with a small scale romance subplot. Please be honest when explaining how much romance is in your book, I have been lied to before and I didn’t like that.

Formats I accept:

  • Will accept E-Books (but I read physical books much faster)
  • ARC
  • Physical Copy (this would work wonderfully with my Instagram account ^_^ I am US based)

Please Have the Following in Your Review Request:

  • Summary
  • Release Date
  • Link to Goodreads or Amazon page

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